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Employer Branding and Candidate Experience

I’ve worked in Employer Branding for nearly 20 years. I surprise myself every time I say it, but it really is not that far off. I started by working on research strategies for clients...

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Nick podcast interview with Matt Alder

Nick was featured in Matt Alder’s latest Recruiting Futures podcast on the subject of candidate experience. This was Episode 18 in the popular recruiting podcast series and features interviews with leading experts in the field...

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CareerGift sponsor RecFest2

RecFest2 is by the same team who run Reconverse. Anyone who has been to Reconverse knows what a great opportunity these events are to network and learn about all the latest thinking and experiences...

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Career Gift in Brussels

Nick was in Brussels recently presenting candidate experience and Career Gift at a leading HR forum. The event, hosted and organised by Pangloss International, was with specially invited and leading employers in Brussels. With...


The Economics of Candidate Experience

At the 2014 CIPD Conference talk was yet again about how “HR needs to be more commercial”. At CareerGift we think that means proving how HR can directly impact revenues, costs and profits in...

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