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Demonstrate genuine candidate care

CareerGift is an exciting new concept in candidate experience management. We help protect your brand, whilst also showing you appreciate the time and trouble they have spent applying for a job with your organisation. 

Watch our short video to find out more.

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Candidate Experience

CareerGift is an exciting new concept in candidate experience management

Candidates are Customers
If candidates are customers, it makes your recruitment experience a commercial issue, not just one for HR
Brand Protection
A good experience can turn a candidate into an advocate for your employer brand
Corporate Responsibility
Candidates invest time in your recruitment process. Delivering a good candidate experience is simply the right thing to do

The Economics of Candidate Experience

Discover how HR can impact revenues and profits through better recruitment practice

The simple technology solution that will transform your candidate experience

  • Provide every unsuccessful candidate with membership to CareerGift’s online job hunting toolkit
  • Help your job applicants to become even better candidates for the future
  • Build a talent pipeline
  • Demonstrate brand values and leave candidates with a positive feeling

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CareerGift is simple to integrate with your ATS

Just embed a single link into your usual email communications and we do the rest. CareerGift is a comprehensive tool which provides:

  • Regular updates and enhancements
  • Content provided by career advice experts
  • Job search, video library and e-learning modules included
  • Collated resources from around the web

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