Nick Price joins CareerGift as new COO

Nick PriceNick Price as joined CareerGift as Chief Operating Officer (COO). “Having worked with Nick previously, I have first-hand experience of the energy, vision and expertise he will bring to the business,” Ian Gooden, CEO of the Chiumento group of companies.

As COO of CareerGift, Nick’s initial focus will be on raising awareness of the new product through development of its marketing strategy and driving sales. We are certain that his deep expertise of the topic, along with his extensive network of contacts around the world will quickly accelerate interest in our product.

Alongside continuing product development, Nick will also progressively take ownership for the wider business strategy, including CareerGift’s overseas expansion into North America and Asia Pac.

Nick is a very well-known figure in the world of candidate experience as founder of the candidate measurement and analytics tool Mystery Applicant, which won an ERE Technology Innovation Award in Silicon Valley and is used by many global employers.

He was named as one of six  ‘technology game changers’ by Recruiter Magazine and is also a member of the newly formed European Candidate Experience Council, backed by the Talent Board – a not-for-profit organization that has seen the growth of the Candidate Experience Awards from North America, Asia and Europe.

With over 15 years’ experience in talent attraction and employer branding, Nick has seen how technology has impacted on recruitment processes with the human element too often being neglected.

“Too many employers still give the impression they are immune to the fact that applicants have often spent many hours struggling with an ATS or committing days to attend interviews and selection processes, and then barely get an acknowledgement. CareerGift is a real opportunity to give something back to the candidate and to say ‘thank you’ for taking the time and effort to apply.”

“We all have a strong, shared vision within CareerGift to improve candidate experience and it is this passion combined with an opportunity to shake up candidate communications that so appealed to me. Having developed a technology platform to measure candidate experience, I am now excited to be working with an innovative platform that will form part of the solution.” Nick Price, COO.