Career Gift in Brussels

Nick was in Brussels recently presenting candidate experience and Career Gift at a leading HR forum. The event, hosted and organised by Pangloss International, was with specially invited and leading employers in Brussels.

PanglossWith fine food and wine being served, Nick presented on the latest thinking and research affecting Employer Branding and Candidate Experience. His presentation focused on:

  • How hiring is evolving – the two-way relationship between recruiters and candidates and its impact on the employer brand
  • The feedback society – the implications of sites such as Glassdoor and social media
  • Values are you brand – why recruitment processes and behaviours need to reflect brand values and EVP
  • The context of candidate experience with the ‘millennial’ workforce
  • The role CareerGift plays in candidate experience and brand reputation

Discussion over lunch highlighted the differences in speed of uptake and importance placed on employer branding. Glassdoor, for example, is slowly making an impact. Linkedin also has a slower adoption rate as part of an integrated strategy.

What everyone recognised was that the treatment of job applicants and rejected candidates needs to be better.

Pangloss International

The event also saw the launch of Pangloss’s new website and brochures. Pangloss, part of the Arbora network, is a leading career management company in Brussels.

PanglBelgium imageoss launched its career management business in 1990. Since the very beginning, Pangloss International has developed the reputation for building a unique and tailor-made approach based on extremely individual and personalised programmes. Each consultant is totally dedicated to their candidates and works with passion.

Based in Brussels, capital of Europe, Pangloss International works also with a network of Business Centres across Belgium.

Pangloss International won in 2010 and in 2013 the HR EXCELLENCE AWARD of BEST CHALLENGER of the YEAR.


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