Poor candidate experience can damage your employer brand

Understanding the role candidate experience plays as part of your employer brand management is critical to attracting the best talent.

Candidates can – and will – make judgements about how you behave as an employer by the way you act as a recruiter. From the first interaction with your candidate marketing to communicating the final outcome of the process, every step you take speaks volumes about your organisational values.

Employer Brand Management

Employer brand management is a holistic process that includes how people perceive your brand even before they’ve considered you as an employer. Candidates may have touched your organisation as a consumer and their expectations may be high. Once they connect as a job applicant the challenge is making sure your reputation doesn’t unravel through a poor candidate experience.

You want every candidate to say great things about you to their friends, family and colleagues. All of whom could be your recruitment targets of the future. This also applies to people who have been referred by existing employees. The negative impact then could also resonate internally and turn a good initiative into a negative experience for everyone. Employer brand management also includes internally managing and delivering on key behaviours and experiences that are just as important for people already working for you.

As competition for talent intensifies, your reputation will be an invaluable tool in the war for talent. You want all those past candidates to become evangelists for your employer brand – whether they got the job or not.

The reality of recruitment

The reality of recruitment is that far more people go away from the hiring process without a job offer than will ever join the company. Yet that vast majority often get little or no attention. Alarmingly a recent research report suggested as many as 70% of candidates never even receive a formal outcome of their application.

The 95% plus of candidates who get rejected are just as influential as the people who join. In fact possibly more so. It is a well-known fact that people who are disappointed by an organisation are more likely to tell others than those who have a good experience. Bad news travels fast – especially through social media and now via websites like Glassdoor. Deliver a poor experience through your recruitment process and the news will spread, damaging your employer brand and making your future recruitment campaigns even tougher.

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