Hope and Expectation: How do you manage it?

Hope and expectation are two of the strongest emotions that will form part of a job applicant’s experience. As soon as a candidate lands on your job posting, browses your website or engages with you on social media they begin to form a relationship with your brand. Once they apply they are embarking on a journey that is as much about emotion as process. The hope they will land the job for which they have applied. The expectation that they will be treated fairly and have the opportunity to present themselves and their experience in the best possible light.

Hope and Expectation – the candidate journey

Hope and Expectation

Hope and Expectation

It’s inevitable a job applicant will be thinking about how they’d fit in to your organisation. Their expectations and hopes then rise the further through the process they go. They visualise themselves in their role. The day-to-day achievements and reality of what the job will bring and the impact it will have on their lives and those around them. The hope and expectation of what working for you will bring to their lives.

Whilst this is a positive reflection on your employer brand, managing this hope and expectation is also a key element of the employer brand management process.  These job applicants have bought in to your employer brand. It’s likely you’ve already invested heavily in your brand by this point – just to get them to the point they’ll consider joining.

The harsh reality though, is that for the most people the journey will end in disappointment. And sending people away disappointed is always a difficult process to manage.

The Power of Ten

Power of TenThere’s an old retail adage, that if customers are disappointed they tell ten others. By contrast a happy customer only tells three. We think recruitment follows a similar pattern. We call it “the power of ten”. Which means rejected candidates potentially have a much louder voice in the market than those who succeed in getting a job offer. There are many more of them and they are more likely to talk about their experience to more people.

Think about all the power those 90+% of rejected candidates have to influence your reputation with others. Their friends, family, colleagues, fellow students etc.. How much stronger would your employer brand be if all those rejected candidates went away with a more positive lasting impression? One that says: We care about every applicant, not just the ones who join.

We live in a world where recruitment is increasingly driven by brand and reputation. People influence people – especially through the power of social media and websites like Glassdoor.

About CareerGift

CareerGift offers a low cost means of giving every applicant a helping hand to get a new job. In a world where many candidates don’t even get a reject email, let alone any feedback, CareerGift will really make you stand out. You may not be able to help directly via a job offer but you can provide valuable tools that help people to achieve their career ambitions.

CareerGift can be customised to carry your brand and logo – ensuring every user is constantly reminded about who helped them on their way. That’s a powerful commercial branding and CSR message too.

If you’d like to learn more about CareerGift, please get in touch.

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