CareerGift is an exciting new concept in candidate experience management. It is based on the reality that only a tiny fraction of applicants succeed in any recruitment process. For the majority the outcome will be rejection and disappointment.

When people apply for jobs they invest much more than just time. Their hopes and expectations are raised and it becomes as much an emotional journey as a process.

Managing that process is a key challenge for all employees looking to manage both their employer brand and consumer brand.

Value your candidates’ time and effort

  • Protect your investment in both your employer brand and consumer brand.
  • Give candidates a gift for the time, energy and emotion they have invested in applying to your organisation.
  • CareerGift is an online career management toolkit providing extensive advice, assessments and guidance on all aspects of job hunting and career management.
  • Proves help and advice on every aspect of job search based on the expertise of a team of career experts.
  • For those unsuccessful applicants, leave the door open for future applications whilst helping them get the job they want.

CareerGift membership:

  • Provide your candidates with six months free access to CareerGift.
  • Personalised features and content.
  • Regular updates to new features and modules.
  • Extensive video library provided by career advice experts, recruiters and employers.
  • Assessment advice, dealing with ATSs, interview techniques and offer negotiation.
  • Personality and psychometric tests.

Simple registration

  • Simple for you and straightforward for the candidate
  • Embed our link within your ATS or email communications directing candidates to the CareerGift app
  • Candidate registration takes less than a minute to complete for full access to the CareerGift site

Fully mobile compatible

  • Compatible across all mobile and tablet devices