Protecting your brand with CareerGift

For most of job applicants their “candidate experience” will end in rejection. Have you ever considered the full implications for your brand of rejecting so many candidates? Well we have, and that is why we created CareerGift. It is a free gift for every rejected candidate that says “thank you” for the time, energy and emotion they have invested in applying to your organisation.

From the moment a jobseeker engages with your job posting, website or social media sites they begin to build a relationship with your organisation. To get them even that far you have probably already made a big investment in employer branding and marketing. Once they commit to becoming a candidate the level of that engagement becomes even stronger – and the expectations of how they will be treated soar.

Sadly for the majority of candidates their application journey will end in failure. We believe that how you manage the candidate’s disappointment at not getting the job will be critical to your employer brand. What they say about you to friends, family and colleagues will help shape your reputation in the market. Candidate experience has commercial implications too.

Candidates can also be existing or potential customers. Disappointing any customer is always a risky business! It is easy to see how a poor candidate experience could lead a candidate to change their consumer habits.  So a providing a great candidate experience is as much a commercial issue as a HR one.

Fortunately there is a better way. CareerGift is an online toolkit that is offered free of charge to every candidate you reject. It is packed full of materials and resources that will aid the candidates ongoing job search. It says loud and clear, “We care”.

In a world where research suggests as many as 70% of on-line applicants receive no feedback at all on their application, CareerGift will help you really stand out from the crowd.

CareerGift is easy to integrate and offers great value. Embed it in your recruitment process and turn rejected candidates into advocates of your employer brand

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