Richard Branson discusses good candidate experience

When was the last time you heard a CEO talk about the importance of candidate experience? No, me neither. However, Richard Branson is an exception with most of what he has done and achieved. Recently he has spoken about the importance of treating people who don’t get jobs as well as those people who do. Recognising that not only does it protect the consumer brand, but also one day they might still end up working for one of his companies.

Treat people who don’t get jobs as well as people who do

Writing on the Virgin website, Richard Branson speaks about a personal experience of someone who applied for a job with Virgin Atlantic.

“It is really important for businesses to treat people who don’t get jobs as well as those people who do get them. This is a really lovely story shared with me by Sam Cox. She was sorting through some old paperwork when she found a letter from yours truly written in 1998. Sam had recently applied to work as cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic, but did not get the job. I wrote saying she should not be deterred from trying again with Virgin or another airline six months down the line.

I used to send this letter, along with a voucher to put towards a flight or duty free, to anybody who wasn’t successful in a Cabin Crew interview. Now, we have reintroduced the scheme at Virgin Atlantic.

“I am sorry that you have been unsuccessful with your application to Virgin Atlantic but I wanted to give you some words of encouragement for you to reapply in the future.

You can read the full article here.

What it does illustrate, is that the whole issue around candidate experience and the impact it can have on an organisation’s brand, is being taken more and more seriously.

Many employers would do well to take a leaf out of Richard Branson’s book.

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