The 5 Golden Rules of Candidate Experience

Candidate experience isn’t always about the big idea. Sometimes it’s about doing the simple things really well. These are what we believe are the five main areas that all employers can do well:

1: Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Always put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. Don’t become pre-occupied with speed, process and efficiency and forget the human side of candidate relationships. According to a recent report from the Corporate Executive Board, while 70% of employers recognise the importance of candidate experience few are actively managing it.

Remember that candidates are potentially customers too – so how you treat them as a candidate may influence their buying behaviour – not just their opinion of you as a potential employer.

2: Don’t hide behind technology

ATS systems are wonderful – but communication, and not just automated emails, is essential to the candidate experience. Think long and hard about how and why you use technology.

3: Keep it personal

It’s the paradox of recruitment. Every recruiter has a one-to-many relationship with candidates. Every candidate wants a one-to-one relationship with a recruiter. A great candidate experience depends on meeting the expectations of the applicant. Think about your organisation’s approach to its customers and does your recruitment process reflect that ethos? If not your employer and consumer brands may well be at odds. Even simple things like personalised rejection letters can make a huge difference.

4: Seek feedback

How often do you ask candidates how you are doing? Or new starters about whether the reality of employment matches the impression they gained in the selection process? All feedback is a gift – not just that from hiring managers.

5: Worry about the many as much as the few.

The truth is you will always reject more people than you hire. And disappointed people have just as much ability to impact your employer reputation. Except there are many, many more of them. If they also happen to be customers there is a genuine commercial risk too. A poor candidate experience might just change their buying habits.

How many of these golden rules of candidate experience do you follow?

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