The maths are simple: rejected candidates shout louder

There’s a lot of numbers that can be applied to candidate experience. Here are just a few.


that’s the typical ratio of applicants to appointments. At least that’s the experience of our colleagues in Chiumento Recruitment Solutions.


..people therefore go away from each application process without the outcome they hoped for. The “rejected many” will always outnumber the “successful few”.


…out of every 100 applicants who are unhappy about their candidate experience won’t tell you. There’s loads of data out there on customer experience that can be directly applied to recruitment too. One of the most shocking figures is that only 4% of unhappy people say anything. At least not to the organisation involved. So that’s 24 silent complaints for every vocal one.


That’s the typical number of other people an unhappy customer will tell about their experience. Bad news travels a lot further than good news. The multiple used to be x10 but the advent of social media has made it so much easier to spread the word. You can bet the same rule applies to candidate experience.


For every one complaint your recruitment team get, 625 people will have heard something negative about your employer brand. The complainant will have told 25 people. Plus the 24 people who kept quiet will each have told another 25 people about their negative experience.


Hire 100 people a year at an average of 100 applicants per job and you touch 10,000 people.

1% is a big number.

62,500 is the number of people who will hear bad news based on 1% of 10,000 applicants making a complaint.


That’s the typical number of people that we tell when we have a great experience.


If you hire 100 people a year and they each tell three people how good you are that’s 300 positive stories.


In our example over 200 times as many people hear a bad story as a good one.

It is time to care about the rejected many. CareerGift do.

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