The Team

Ian Gooden, Director

I started my working life in the personnel department of a Council. I spent my first afternoon with sellotape and scissors piecing together pieces of paper to make up that weeks’ local press job advert. We are talking the era of “golf ball” typewriters, Tippex and carbon paper.

What I remember vividly was the final piece in my rather untidy paper jigsaw (I never was any good at crafty stuff). It was a standard statement that went at the bottom of job ads and said something along the lines of “Applications will not be acknowledged. Candidates who do not hear from us within 28 days should assume they have been unsuccessful.”

You would think that 35 years later things would have improved. Yet the internet is awash with stories and statistics about how bad candidate experience is. According to one article an astonishing 82% of on-line job applicants never hear anything. The black hole of recruitment just opens up and swallows their CV.

I think candidates deserve better than that. And that was the inspiration for CareerGift.

Duncan Hamilton, Head of Technology

Unlike some people I speak to, I don’t have any horror stories from my job application and interview history. My real passion for helping to build and grow CareerGift comes from talking to clients who are desperate to simply “do the right thing” and help candidates they unfortunately have to reject.

I share these values, and my aim is to make CareerGift highly available, and highly usable. I develop CareerGift through the eyes of the candidate. The user experience of the CareerGift platform, becomes an extension of the candidate experience, and we want that experience to be amazing.

I love technology, but it has to be useful. There are so many over engineered solutions that fail to benefit anyone, and that grates on me. At CareerGift we passionately believe we have a simple technology solution that can change peoples lives.